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Best software to recover deleted or lost files and folders

In this modern world, there is a tremendous growth in the number of users who use personal computer or laptops in their daily life. Starting from paper work world to the wonderful digital world all works are done in computer. It is even used in creating animated movie clips, website creation, portfolio creation etc. We use our personal computer for doing official work, scheduling business meeting, storing our old memories from digital camera or memory card to our Windows or Mac based Operating System.

As with the advent of technology, operating system based on modern and advanced module is being launched in the market. Like Windows have recently launched their new OS named Windows 8. It has totally eye-catching features, advanced file type like ReFS, Touch screen usage and many more app stored in it. People do go gaga over new gadgets but at the same time there is a maximum chance for user to suffer from breath taking obstacles such as deletion or loss of different files, corruption of journals or hard drives and many more. At the very point user craves to Google out the best software to recover all severe damages. The reason behind such hazardous scenarios is because all users are not able to understand the basic functionality of the new gadgets. They sometimes may get confused with the working of their system and it may put them into a terrible situation.

Let us take a scenario where a user performing some serious tasks on their new Operating System that she has to deliver in the evening’s office meeting. Suddenly her kid presses a button and it’s all gone! Vanished into ether! Sometimes professional photographers fall into an awkward position, when they find some clicks are missing. Let us look into this issue too. For example suppose a professional user uses his latest Samsung galaxy digital camera that has an option to share clicks instantly on social networks. The key point is after taking clicks and capturing videos for his upcoming event or exhibition, user may remain dumb-struck finding some of his clicks to be displayed went missing. If you have ever been into such a depressing situation, do not freak out! Here we provide you the complete solution package by this Recovery Software. It is available on internet for free one can easily download the software to recover their deleted or lost files. This becomes a must – have software for all users as it even performs function that a Mac recovery application does.

Some other Scenarios of file loss or deletion:

  • Command Prompt: This situation can make user pull their hairs. One silly mistake and it’s all gone! Some user prefers to use command prompt key to delete a particular file or entire folder by using DEL or ERASE command. Sometimes while using it user unawarely types a wrong path for a file. In this process user may delete a really important file from their system. At this stage, they need help of data recovery tool to recover deleted files.

  • Emptying Recycle Bin / Trash: User sometimes delete all the files that are present in the Recycle Bin or Trash to make space for other deleted item or sometimes temporary storage device (Recycle Bin / Trash), itself deletes some of the files because of oversize issue. Actually the files are bypassed. When a particular file as deleted accidentally or is bypassed it does not gets deleted permanently, only the header address of the files get deleted and the space is marked free. Files and folders remain in our system until they are overwritten. In such situation make use of this proficient recovery software to recover data from emptied Recycle Bin.

  • Bad Sectors: Old and tore hard drive may contain many bad sectors also known as bad media spots that may cause other applications to hang thereby leading to severe data loss from SCSI hard disk drive. Whatever files user stored in the HDD prior to the occurrences of bad sector, all becomes inaccessible. User can now use this software to recover bad sectors present on their HDD of Windows and Macintosh series. It is the finest recovery software to accomplish data recovery process successfully.

  • Improper Handling: Gadgets that are crafted using updated technologies are generally very sophisticated. One mistake can leave in real pain. Handling of such devices carefully is really very important. Sometimes user may accidentally click on the Delete button of their digital camera or format the entire memory card unawarely by opting for Format card option. To handle this issue make use of data recovery software.

There are plenty of other reasons that can cause deletion or loss of file:

  1. Virus or malware attack on your system or memory card may eat up all important documents on your system or memory card.

  2. Power surge issues that lead to conking battery of your camera, mobile or system may also delete some files while user performs some file transferring function.

  3. Accidental formatting of hard drive and improper method of repartition of already existing partition or volumes in your Windows or Mac OS results into data loss.

  4. Excessive usage of third party application may sometimes lead to deletion of picture and media files.

You can easily overcome the above listed data loss problems if you have data recovery tool.

Why use this Software to recover data?

This software recovers data from re-partitioned or re-formatted drives and also restores lost data from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 partitions, which has been formatted or deleted. It has been crafted in a way to Supports recovery of data from SATA / SCSI / IDE hard drives, SD, XD, MMC flash memory cards, external USB drives, FireWire Drives, iPods and has a built-in deep scanning algorithms to find and recover data from missing / deleted Mac and Windows volumes or partitions respectively. User can easily use the free version of this software by downloading it from this site. By making use of this tool, you can easily retrieve flash drive data with utmost ease at your fingertips.

How to use this software to recover data?

Users first of all need to download and install data recovery tool in their Windows OS. Once it is installed users must launch the application.

After launching the application, user must select the option "Recover Files" in case they want to recover some of their deleted files back on their local machine.

Software to Recover - Main Screen

Next, on the new window user have to opt for the "Recover Deleted Files" option to recover the files and data that vanished from their system.

Software to Recover - Select Recover Deleted Files

Once they select the above mentioned option, user needs to select the logical drive from which they want to retrieve the files and then a rigorous scan begins to retrieve all the deleted folders.

Software to Recover - Scanning Process

Later user can preview the recovered files and save the recovery process into a new destination folder by selecting the "Save Recovery Session" option.

Software to Recover - Save Recovery Session


It is advised to the user neither to perform any read write operation nor download or upload any file on the system to prevent overwriting of the files. Once a file gets overwritten it is permanently deleted. It is also recommended to handle sophisticated devices such as digital camera very carefully and avoid excessive usage of third party application. Prefer using an external adapter to your system or UPS for your desktop to overcome obstacles in future.

Recent Updates:

Undelete Pictures on SD Card: Have you accidentally deleted your precious pictures from SD Card? If you are to say yes, then just relax! by using efficient software to recover you can easily recover deleted photos from SD Card on both Windows and Mac systems. For more details, visit this page:

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